Mark Weatherhead - Tattoo Artist bei Monsters under your Bed


  • Black & Grey Realism
  • Horror
  • Surreal
  • Neo Traditional

Gestating in the shadow of the Shropshire Hills in England, the Artist was summoned forth from a Chrysalis by 3 deformed blind Witches where the incantation went horribly wrong. There is little known about this Specimen other than the following…

* He Sleeps in a cupboard, on a pile of odd socks at the Monsters Under Your bed Studio in Cologne Germany.
* He can communicate with Bacteria using sign language.
* His Music collection of Black Metal and Doom is only played backwards on a full moon.
* He has Acid for Blood.
* The Artistic Terrorist has been known to Survive only on Tea, Sushi and Ginger Biscuits.
* His Tonge is in fact a tentacle with it’s own independent Brain.
* There is only one other species that we know of similar to him, the pair communicate through telepathy and carrier pigeon.
* His Eyes are Double Jointed.
* He could Discombobulate the Universe with his Genitals… if he could be bothered.
* His social circle is in fact a rhombicosidodecahedron.
* He has an oddly shaped Birthmark between two of his toes that looks like David Bowie.
* He only watches Horror Movies that end in the letter Q.
* He has Webbed Buttocks.
* He can only see in Black and White at 300dpi.
* His Anus smells of freshly cut grass on a warm summer morning.
* He has no sense of smell.
* He writes only in Binary.
* He once punched Michael Myers to the ground for talking too much when they were watching a documentary on Cheese.
* He’s confused by Hotel Stationary, Widows and the word “NO!”

If you should cross the path of this disturbing and mysterious creature, approach with caution and bring Tea…

Tattoos von Mark Weatherhead

Artwork von Mark Weatherhead